Are we real Artists?

RacoonSeveral years ago I had a subscription to “Artists Magazine”. I loved thumbing through the pages and seeing all the new techniques and even tried a few. Every year they has an Art Contest and the winner would get some really cool things.

I wanted to submit my artwork.

At the time I was doing “Digital Art”.  Yeap, I created artwork on my Computer.

I had some really expensive programs to work in, Coral Paint and Photoshop, I bought a digital tablet so that I could paint and shade and hold a “paint brush” in my hand. I bought a big 13″ by 19″ Epson Printer that had 7 ink cartridges. I even bought special paper that mimicked canvas or watercolor paper.  Like many “traditional” artists I scoured the world (OK i went to Italy once) for wonderful things to photograph so I could run into my studio and paint them.

If you are not familiar with Coral Paint, it is one very awesome piece of Software. It turned my PC into a virtual art supply store. I had watercolor, inks, oil paint, acrylic, pens, pencils etc. Well… just about everything. So when I took one of my photographs for painting I got to decide how to paint it, what colors to use, what to leave in, what to leave out. JUST LIKE A TRADITIONAL ARTIST. Yes I am shouting ’cause I am still pissed off.

(Note to self- Get over it.)

So, I decided to get over my shyness and submit some of my work. That was a mighty big step for me. I downloaded the paperwork and started to read the rules, and there it was… The contest was open to all artists except digital.  OMG. Seriously.

For the first time ever I decided to write a letter to a magazine, which I did, and then I canceled my subscription. If I am not really an “artist” I sure didn’t need the Artist Magazine!  It did not matter that the techniques I was reading about, color theory, perspective,  under painting etc, was something that I could incorporate into my artwork, I was not an artist.

Several days later a friend walked up to me and said “I saw your letter in the Artist Magazine”. Wow what a shocker. I never expected that to happen. I never read the result


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I went Gourd Shopping at the Welburn Farm

Here I am in California getting ready for the long drive back to Oklahoma and I reminded myself that If I am going to be a Gourd Goddess, I needed some gourds! So yesterday I drove to Fallbrook California, with my friend Kathleen, where the Welburne Gourd Farm is located. It was a gorgeous day for Gourd Shopping!

Shopping at the Welburn Gourd Farm on July 3, 2012I really have only used gourds from this gourd farm since it was so close to my California home but I really like them because they are so thick, allowing me to carve and woodburn to my hearts delight! At the farm they have tables and tables and tables of gourds, in all shapes and sizes. They have cleaned sections and non cleaned sections.

Normally I pick through the uncleaned section since they charge more for the ones that they have cleaned but this time I wanted to know exactly what I was getting, since once I get back to Oklahoma I won’t have the luxury of picking my own.

It’s always so hard to decide which gourds to take home with me. This time around I was drawn to pear gourds. I love how big their base is and since I am now concentrating on pypgraphy, these gourds give me the most working area. I bought 8 gourds and in this mix I also got one canteen and one Bottle gourd. Oh what fun I will have.  I also purchased a pattern book of flowers for inspiration and ideas!!  Looking through these pattern books always gets me going!

So now I have to box these precious gourds in boxes and let the house movers take them to Oklahoma.


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