Wow, what a year it has been!!

This week announced the arrival of my….. NEW STUDIO!!  I am so excited and ready to start making the perfect creative space for myself.

Dani's New Art Studio

My new Art Studio

We decided that the cheapest and quickest way we could move forward with my art studio, temporary storage and a place for Ben to use his saws and other wood working tools while we continue to work on our home, was to get a portable building. We found a very reasonable solution (Ron’s Discount Lumber, Howe Ok) and we could have it painted to match our home.

The studio was placed on our property with the windows and door facing the pond so while I am sitting at my pottery wheel or art desk I will have THE MOST AWESOME VIEW!

Studio Front View

Front View of my Studio

I am ready to move forward. As I sit in my healing room, I don’t feel healed and calm.I feel chaotic and overwhelmed with boxes and stuff all over the place. This weekend we will clear this room of all its craziness and move my gourds and my clay and all my STUFF to the studio! It is not ready for me to start working in it yet but it will clear my inside space to the point where I can FIND MY GOURDS and my tools!! Oh happy day with that one.

The Studio is 24 X 12 which should be more than plenty. My Studio in California was about 10 x 10 so I have lots more room. This time I get to organize it the way I want to work.  Soon, hopefully this weekend, we will make a run to Home Depot for Electrical wire so that we can get the electricity in. Also on our to do list is insulation. The walls are just studs right now so its hot during the day, too hot to work. Insulation will help alot. As time and money permits we will sheet rock and lay some flooring!   We placed the Studio where we originally had the Motorhome so the electric and water are already there. WooHoo.

This is the view from my Studio,

This is the view from my Studio

Ben will share my space for a while. He has all his wood working tools at his folks house and most everything is still in boxes so he is feeling as overwhelmed and lost as I am when he needs something. What is worse is that he doesn’t even know what he has over there because he did not pack his boxes. And I can’t tell him what he has because I can’t identify most of his tools. The best I can do is say “what does it look like” and see if I remember anything like that. Eventually he will build his own shop but “It’s not going to yellow” he said! We will see about that!!

Wow… when I think back on this last past year I have experienced quite a bit of change. Moving to Oklahoma, living in my motorhome for 8 months, losing my baby brother to cancer, building a home, building a storefront for our business, making new friends, saying goodbye to old friends, driving to California with only my dog, Suzi, as a companion, packing up the entire Green Valley Lake house, having to sell that house as a short sale and feeling the pain and lose of all our equity as well as our credit ratings, And now I have a Studio.

Tomarrow, September 1, will mark the one year anniversary of the day we packed our business up and left California. We will make it. We are a bit older, maybe a bit wiser, absolutely more broke, but still excited for the future and all we can accomplish.

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Working again, sorta !!

My “Art Studio” at the moment

In two weeks, the beginning of September, it will be one year since we packed up our business and moved to southeast Oklahoma. Whoa, what a year it has been. We lived in our motorhome for most of that time. Because the city would not allow us to live in a motorhome within city limits we had a small cottage built, which we finally moved into in the middle of May 2012.  At the beginning of June I drove, with my cocker spaniel Suzi, to California to pack up all our stuff and organize the pick up and delivery of our stuff to our new home.

We went from a 2600 sq ft home to a 900 sq ft home so you can only imagine the cleaning and clearing I had to do.  That started our rather difficult as the first thing I tackled was a storage box filled with memorabilia like my own high school year books and the graduation caps my kids wore. As I rummaged through these once precious things I realized that it was all yesterday, that all those memories have been replaced with new, more precious memories.  I no longer needed my high school diploma as a badge of success. I had other successes in my life to pull satisfaction from. Once that high school diploma and year book hit the trash the rest was basically easy!

So here I am sitting in my new little space in my new little cottage.  I am surrounded by boxes full of gourds, paints, clay, all disorganized and crazy. I can’t find a thing yet I am here in my own little healing space. Today I ordered a portable building that is 12×24 ft that will eventually be my studio. I did some gourd painting today and have prepped this gourd for weaving, which I will start shortly/

It feels like forever since I did anything really creative.  Does it feel good?  No not really. It is hard to feel inspired when everything is in disarray and stacked on top of each other. I can’t even find my saw to cut a new gourd.  But next week the building will be delivered, I will move some stuff out there and maybe then I will be more inspired.

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