Several weeks ago my sister-in-law dug up and commented on a gourd I posted on facebook. This gourd was a pyrographed bushy tailed squirrel in a tree, lightly colored with a watercolor wash. It was my first blown attempt at burning an entire picture on a gourd and I thought it turned out great! Apparently others did as well since I had “debuted” it at a small craft show and the gourd was sold before I ever got it out on the table (Thanks Jan!!). The comments about the gourd I received when my Sister-in-law commented on it was enough to inspire me to do another.

Eagle Wall Hanging

This time I chose an eagle head. The eagle head is accented by burned in feathers which is adorned with a beautiful piece of turquoise. The gourd I burned it onto was a bottle gourd cut in half length wise and turned upside down to make it into a wall hanger.

I really enjoy the burning process,  the shading and eventual bringing to life the object I have chosen. Wildlife seems to be my favorite subject of the life you can bring to them!  It calms me and inspires me. The natural look to the gourd adds a warmth to the finished piece as well.

This is also my first attempt at making a wall hanging. The backing is felt and I need to work that out a little better but I used a piece of copper wire as the hanger, both sides coiled on the outside of the gourd.   The nice part of a wall hanging like this is that you can change the flowers to suite your taste and the seasons

I will continue to explore this new path.

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