Success with Etsy!!

Well I am finally seeing some success from my Etsy store. Today I will be shipping off my second sold gourd through them and I am very excited!!

It always shocks and delights me when someone likes my artwork enough to lay down some hard earned money for them. I love to envision them sitting on someones mantle or coffee table and perhaps the conversations around it. It is like a little bit of me is touching a complete stranger.

I have been really paying attention to the title that I use on etsy as well as my keywords. It really seemed to help alot. My art is being “favorited” quite often and even added to Treasuries.

Today I listed another new piece. This is a rather tall bottle gourd that I cut sections out of the neck to make it into a basket. Then I pyrographed a wolf howling into the sunset scene which is painted with transparent gourd paints. The sun has a bit of a shimmer to it.

Gourd Art Wolf at Sunrise

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