A look into my Studio

You may recall the post I did when my Studio showed up at our property. I had a picture of it rolling down the road. It was so cool.  That was in August. Now, 5 months later, I am thrilled to be working in it. It is not done yet but getting real close. A few more panels to put up for the walls and then I can paint them and put up shelves.

But just because it is not 100% done does not mean I am not working in it and loving every minute of it. We insulated it really well and put in a heater so I stay toasty warm on those cold winter days and nights. I have running water which, in my humble opinion, is the greatest luxury I can have.
Inside my studio
Here you can get an idea of what my studio is shaping up to be. I found that throwing pottery standing up was much more comfortable on my body.
 The rack behind me is filled with lots of greenware, which is pots that have been thrown and are dry, just waiting to go into the kiln for the very first time.

My space is still not well organized since Ben still has his shop equipment in here as well but once he gets his building and moves out of mine I will have a ton of space and can work on my gourds in here as well.

I am thinking of painting the walls yellow. A happy and light color. What are your thoughts?

So I have been busy at my pottery. Just so you know I am not spending my Pottery time playing on the internet here are a few finished pieces. I am in the process of testing glazes and combinations. Some of these I like and some I don’t.
pottery Jan2012


Well…. my hands have warmed up and my back is feeling better so I can end this quite blog and get back to doing what I love to do….WORKING IN MY STUDIO.


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Don’t stink up 2013 with leftovers from 2012

Hello there my friends.

Today is the 6th of January of a brand new year. I have never “celebrated” New Years in the party sense. Nope…hubby and I were in bed at our normal time, 10 pm, We were woken at midnight to the sound of fireworks (which I prefer over the thought that they were guns.), wished each other and the dogs a happy new years, rolled over and went back to sleep.

As boring as that was, I have all the motivation in the world to make 2013 my year. This is the year I strive to grow as an artist. This is the year put myself out there, I lose my shyness. I learn to brag.

Before I can successfully move forward with 2013 I need to put 2012 behind me. I don’t want to junk up the new year with left overs from last year.

Its sorta like cleaning your refrigerator. You look in and see a bowl of something. you remember what it was but now it smells bad and it is stinking up the rest of your food.

So…..let me start throwing things out from 2012 so it doesn’t stink up 2013

Into the trash I hereby throw any fears I have about life and our future. Yes, the economy caused us issues, Yes we lost a bunch, but that was yesterday. We are survivors,  we will make it.

Into the trash I hereby throw any guilt I  felt bout selling our home in Green Valley Lake in a short sale.We made a life changing business decision. We cut our loses and left. It was a bad thing but it also is a good thing. We were able to cut some strings that were tieing us down and not allowing us to be free and to enjoy life. So it did not work out in GVL. So what. It was a wonderful town in which I made some wonderful friends but I hated the feeling of such seclusion and being almost a shut- in during the long snowy months. It’s fun (the snow) for the weekend visitor but as a full time working active resident, it was HARD.

Those were the biggies, the major things I needed to release. I won’t bore you (or me) with the rest but I wrote them all out along with a list of all the wonderful things that happened in 2012!

Not only is it a good idea to release the negative but you should also think about and record the positive.

2012 was also wonderful because,,,


  • We built a new little house with an awesome view that is so comfortable and takes so little time to clean! Yesterday Ben and I managed to clean, dust, and mop IN ONE HOUR!!
  • My new studio is coming along nicely with the incredible skills of my husband.
  • I have found a pottery teacher and weekly classes to learn and hone my skills as a potter
  • Our business is still making us a living.
  • We, as well as all of our immediate family, are healthy and well.

This year my motto is

Don't take life so seriously

Don’t take life so seriously




In other words, enjoy everything I do and if it is not fun, don’t do it. Some stuff which I think is not fun I still have to do, like pay bills but do it quickly, release anything negative and look for something fun to do!

So Goodbye all the icky stuff from 2012. I am done with you. Thanks for the lessons you taught me but It is time for me to move on. Thanks for all the good things that happened. I will treasure those memories forever.

Hello 2013… you and I are going to get along great!!



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