Update on my Gourd Garden- I am going to be a Gourd Mama

See the picture below? It is a budding new gourd. See how it bulges out. That is a baby gourd. Its the only one I found right now but it is easy to see in my garden so this is the one that I will be watching.

My first blog post on growing gourds.

A new Gourd is being born

A new Gourd is being born

As many of you know, this is my first year attempting to grow my own gourds!! I have learned so much like…

  • Don’t attempt to grow 10 gourd plants in a tiny plot!
  • Don’t grow other veggies in “the bare spots” because they won’t be bare for long and they will get taken over quickly as the gourd plants hang on for dear life.

Those are my don’t’s.

My do’s are...

  • Put up something for them to grow on. I pounded in a couple of rebar rods I had laying around and bought some picture hanging wire to run across the garden three times.  I am not sure it this will hold up once gourds start popping out but that is what they got! 
  • Water often… which reminds me, I am watering now. I need to go turn it off. Be back in a minute.

Since this is my first time I really don’t know what to look for. I got a sheet from the American Gourd Society when  I joined and it showed me hand drawing of the male and female flowers.

Yes… I went out there in the evening and lifted their little dresses to check their sex. I attempted to manually pollinate some of them, whether I was successful or not remains to be seen.

Then I decided mother nature could do it!! She has been doing it a lot longer than me!

Here are some more pics of my Gourd Garden.

Gourd garden

So many plants in a tiny little space.

Gourds in my gardenGrowing gourdsSee those HUGE leaves? Because I am also into pottery I could not resist picking one and using it as a “stamp” for a bowl. I have it all made and bisqued, all I need to do now is glaze and fire it and then I will let you see!!

Feel free to share with us your experiences with a gourd garden. I would love to hear about them!!

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Gathering leaves while walking in the forest..

Last Sunday was a beautiful day…to go for a motorcycle run. The weather was going to stay relatively cool and there was no rain in the forecast.

Dani Motorcycle ChickActually every Sunday is a motorcycle ride day. It’s what we do, It is our time to worship the sun, to listen to the wind, to smell the flowers. We get to fly through the winding mountains of Arkansas and we stop at some off-the-wall greasy spoon restaurant to see how well they can fry up hashbrowns and how crispy they can get their bacon!

It’s a day out of my home and studio, a day when I can just look, and think and relax as I ride behind my hubby on our big ole Harley! We have another couple we go with, friends we adore.

We love Sundays.

On our ride last Sunday we took the Talahina Scenic By-Way through Arkansas, 54 miles on top of the Ouachita Mountain where you can look down both sides and see Arkansas and Oklahoma Valleys.

We stopped for a quick break at little roadside camping spot, the spot where our friends were married. As I looked around I saw Oak Trees and Maple trees.

Now I love to burn and paint leaves all over my gourds and I have an upcoming class in October that I needed Leaf Patterns so I jumped on the opportunity to gather leaf samples from these majestic trees.

Not one who likes to cause harm to anything I felt rather bad for taking a small sampling of leaves so I told each and every tree (I actually promised them) what I was needing their leaves for and I thanked them for their gift to me.

OK So I am weird that way, but trees and flowers are living entities and deserve our respect and care.

Yesterday I sat down and drew some up from my live references. With these reference drawings I will be able to go back and remember more realistically, what these leaves look like, how they are shaped, where their veins are.

Maple Leaf

I want to share these reference drawings with you. When I sit down to sketch them on a gourd I will not copy them exactly, nothing in nature is identical like that, but I will look at the way the gourd is curved and have the leaves cross over and under each other, playing nicely with each other, just like in nature.

Download them here

What will you do with them?

As always, have fun, make Gourdgeous things and feel free to share this site with others who you think might be interested.



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