Do artists need their own look?

Having a particular look in your artwork may set you apart from the crowd but does it fulfill you as an artist?

I spend some time hunting down and admiring the work of other gourd artists and the ones whom I am most impressed with seem to be the ones that have their own particular style or look. You know the type I am talking about. They are the ones where you are looking through Pinterest and say, “This gourd was done by So and So.”
Doodle Gourd- Circles
I admire these folks, they have found a style that brings them joy and allows them to explore their technique to the max. I have to wonder though if they are envying those of us who experiment around with new styles just because it looks cool and it looks fun!

Are they stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over again wishing for the courage to try something new, or are they at peace with the way they do things and enjoy the familiarity of it?

I personally love to try new techniques but there is also an element of fear that goes along with experimenting.

What if I hate it?

What if I screw it up?

What if it doesn’t work?

What if I love it and everyone else hates it?

Oh the horrors!!!

Although I love the experimental process I really want to find my own look. I am doing this with my pottery as well by trying to select a handful of glazes and glaze combinations that will set my pottery apart from the crowd.

Now that is what it is all about, isn’t it? ¬†Setting your self apart from the crowd.

I really like the primal look of my latest gourd, the one shown above and would love to continue to explore this more but do you know what my BIGGEST fear is about doing the same thing over and over?


If I get bored with what I am doing, then it is no longer fun, or challenging. It now becomes a job and is no longer a passion.

I sure would love to hear from others that have climbed this mountain.

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2 thoughts on “Do artists need their own “look”?

  1. I was a avid woodworker for 25 years, building cabinets, furniture and intarsia. Nothing was a challenge anymore and I did get bored with it. So now I love being a gourder.

    1. Gourding is quite a leap from woodworking! I have tried many different creative avenues and love being a gourder as well. It never gets boring if you continually try new things and its a wonderful challenge because of the uniqueness of each gourd.

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