Here is southeast Oklahoma, the leaves are just beginning to turn. By next weekend I would say, the entire area will be brilliant with glowing shades of red, yellows, oranges and green. It lasts several weeks, and its one of my favorite times here.

Seeing all these colors are inspirational to gourd artists and a very traditional method of decorating them is painting fall leaves all over them!!

Just last week I held a class at the local community college where 13 folks painted oak or maple leaves all over gourds. Although I brought in a sample each student painted their gourds in their very own style, which I encourage. We had a ball and I hope they will cherish and display their new vase every fall.

Collage of Fall Gourd Painting class


As you can see, each one turned out completely different and each one is very beautiful.

We used my Gourd Master Paints and some of the students brought their craft wood burners to outline their leaves while others used a permanent ink pen and some used black ink dye and a small thin paint brush.  Some painted their background a crisp black, which really brings out the colorful leaves while some dyed their gourd background a lighter brown so the moddling of the gourd showed through.

It was a great time!!

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