I have been a creative being all my life and have been working with gourds for over 7 years. Most of my artwork, whether it was gourds, pottery, digital art or jewelry, piled up all around me and my home. I was giving stuff to family and friends and occasionally selling a piece or two at local craft shows. Can you relate?

Create an Amazing 2014One day I realized that if I really wanted to continue working as an artist I needed to buckle down and try a little harder to sell my work. This would give me the capital to buy more gourds, clay, paint,  tools, beads, feathers… well you know… all that really cool stuff.

About 1 1/2 years ago I came across an artist blogger in Australia. She wrote some pretty amazing stuff and reading about what she did gave me a virtual “kick in the butt”. I joined her Amazing Biz and Life Academy, learned everything she had to share (which was a ton), and jumped head first into the life of ……


Most of you are artists. Maybe you are just learning your craft and wondering what to do with your new pieces, or perhaps you are already selling your art. if you have ever thought of having a business, whether full time or part time, it can be really hard trying to figure stuff out like websites, facebook, newsletters, selling and staying on track with what is important to do.  That is what the Academy taught me!

But 1 1/2 years ago,  what I really wanted was her Biz and Life Workbooks, which is now being offered separately from the Academy if you don’t want to join it.

Every year my Australian mentor comes out with a two workbooks and calendars to guide you into making the up-coming year the very best it can be. I used this workbook last year to get my butt in gear and it was an amazing year.

Are you ready for 2014 to be your most incredible year yet, in life or in business?

Just released is the 2014 version of the “Create Your Amazing Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar“. I wanted you to know about it because it worked for me! It helped me in my business and in my life. This is the 5th year and it has worked miracles in thousands of lives.

Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks

The workbooks are in PDF format and are written so that you can fill it out on your computer or tablet if you prefer not to print it out. If you do want to print it out and put it into a binder, it is colorful and playful.

Both workbooks start out by looking back at 2013, celebrating and releasing it. As Leonie says…

“Let’s celebrate + release 2013. And clear the pathway for the miracles to come.”

OH YEAH!!! That’s exactly what I need… how about you?

But its not really miracles we are creating because when you envision what your future will actually look like the powerful law of attraction will step in and open the paths to make this happen. VERY POWERFUL STUFF.

For me, the very first question in the Biz Edition “What are your business accomplishments over the past year?” really opened my eyes to what I actually had accomplished!! Things I had really forgotten about but were so very important to where I am today.


The “life” workbook starts out by asking “What beautiful lessons did you learn during 2013?” And for 2014 it will guide you through exactly what you want 2014 to look like.

So if you are ready to make 2014 YOUR YEAR, then I recommend these workbooks. The cost for these powerful Workbooks with the Calendar are pretty inexpensive at $9.95.

Don’t bother setting New Years resolutions that get forgotten by February. Make 2014 the year you bloom.

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