Happy New Years 2014

Wow… what a year 2013 has been!!!  As is true for many of you, I am sure, the beginning of the new year is a time of reflection on the year that is now ending. It is also a time when we send new dreams and hopes into the universe.

2013 saw some big changes for me. It is the year that I FINALLY gave myself permission to let go of my job and embrace being an artist full time. For many years my hubby gave me permission but I never felt life would go on if I quit doing what I hated doing in a job I disliked. But the universe has its way of pushing you towards the direction you need to be in order to fulfill your desires, you just need to have your eyes open and be willing to jump.

And jump I did.

On July 1 2013 I left the workplace and entered my studio as a full time, I am going to make it, just try and stop me, oh lordy what have I done, artist.

And to force myself to be productive I rented a space in an artisan mall in Fort Smith Arkansas for a year. Now I had an obligation and nothing says get your ass into gear like an obligation. I also reopened my Etsy store, redid my websites and jumped onto the social bandwagon.

Today marks the end of 6 complete months.

Its always fun to look back and see exactly what I did so here goes.

  • In 2013 I sold  6 gourds through Etsy and 14 through my boutique at BrickCity Emporium for an amazing 20 sold gourds.
  • Two of my gourds went international, one to Australia and one to Canada
  • I wrote two tutorials, Making a Gourd Drum and Making a Gourd Vase with a Dreamcatcher. I have sold several copies of both and I recently had the “Making a Gourd Drum” printed.
  • I held 4 Gourd Classes at the Local College that were well attended and we had a ton of fun. From these classes I discovered a new source for gourds and made several new friends
  • I wrote 27 blog posts on GourdGoddess.com where I shared my techniques and gave reviews of product.
  • I started Email Marketing, Build my Facebook Social Network and played around with Twitter (Which I don’t really get yet but I am working on it.)
  • I participated in only two, very small art shows.

And that is just the gourd side of my Artist Life.  I talk about my pottery half and living the artists life on my other blog at YellowCottageStudios.com

A quick Pictorial of 2013

Gourd Drum Photo 2Thunderbird Gourdturtle-Gourd ArtGourd Drum - FlowersFall LeavesGourd Art Wall decor with Eagle head.

So that was my 2013!!

Going through and really looking at your accomplishments like this is a great boost to your ego and gives you an incredible sense of accomplishment. I suggest you all sit down and do the same. I think you might be surprised at just how successful you can be.


Happy New Years all my friends. Here’s to the FUTURE!!


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