I get asked quite often about the equipment I use so I thought I would do a quick review on The RAZERTIP WoodBurner that I use.

Razertip WoodBurner

Dual Pen

When I first got involved in gourds I was really taken with the woodburning part so I ran out to the local Hobby shop and picked up a $15.00 fixed tip woodburner, since I really did not know any better.

I plugged it in and tried desperately to replicate some of the fine lines and details I saw in the gourd art world. It took me about 10 minutes (it may have been 10 seconds but I gave it a fair shot)  to figure out that this was not the tool to use. It was sporatic and the line was thick and thin and I kept having to wait for the tip to heat up.

But I really wanted to burn!!

At a Gourd Festival I went to I was introduced to the Razertip Woodburner and went home with one! I bought the Dual Burner, where you can have two pens, however I really don’t use the second one all that often. There is also a single burner unit as shown above!

With the Dual Burner, both pens are not HOT at the same time. You choose which pen will be the hot one as explained below. There is basically no waiting for these tips to heat up, its extremely fast so switching between one pen and another, whether you do it with the press of a button with the Dual Pen unit, or change pens on the single burner requires very little down time!

Razertip SS-D10

This is my unit!! Well used as you can see!



The button to the far left is the on/off switch.

The middle dial is the variable heat dial. Generally I have it set between 7 and 8 for my skewers but I do adjust accordingly. I have one pen that burns cooler than the others so I adjust it up for that.

The A/B Switch is what switches between the left and right pens.


One of the things I learned first was that the pens stay nice and hot most of the time which allowed me to burn with a much smoother line. The pens don’t get near as hot to hold as the hobby ones either. The cushion not only keeps it cool but it is comfortable to grip. The cords that connect the pen to the unit are long enough so they don’t get in the way. The pens are just the right diameter to comfortably roll in your fingers are you guide them around a curve. 

Razertip, located in Canada, has been in business for 28 years and they make a fine product. Their pens are warrantied for 1 year, even if you break it. After a year you can have the pen retipped for next to nothing. With all the heating and expanding and the pressure we tend to put on the tips they will break. That is why I have two skewers (Pen 1 and 2 below). About once a year I will break a tip. For a while I sent it to the place that I bought my unit from but last year I sent it directly to Razertip and they fixed me right up. Here is the info on Retipping your Pen

Razertip Pens

These are my pens in order of favorite use!

These are the pens I own and I put them in order of my favorites.

1. Large Skew – I use this pen the very most!!  It is a work horse. When I outline an element on my gourd this tip burns through the skin like butter. I use the very tip when needing small little lines like feathers or leaves,

2. Small Skew– I use this when I break my Large Skew or when I am making tight curves.

3.Medium Spear– I bought this to make really straight lines but I could live without it. The skews work just as good for me. Razertip calls this a cutting tip.

4.Writing Pen – I use this for shading. I shade using a stipple or squiggle and this pen works great for that.

This post shows me using this tip to shade.

5.Bent Shader – This is my newest pen and it is supposed to be an “all in one” with a skewer and when you turn is flat side down, as a shader. I have not gotten the hang of this one yet.

6. Gourd Cutter– This one is called a gourd cutter because it is long and skinny which will go right through a gourd. Its at the bottom of my list because I don’t use it that often. I originally bought it to cut the tops of gourds off but found my saw worked better for that however I have used it to cut-out small sections of my gourd with some success

Here is post showing what I have burned using just these tips.

A lovely smooth even outline

A lovely smooth even outline

Here is an example of starting an outlined design. I sketch in the line I want to burn using a pencil. For me I find that it is very important that the line I draw is exactly what I want and dark enough for me to see. When you start burning you no longer see “the big picture” but you are focused on the small area you are working on. So it is important that the drawing be correct.

See what a lovely fine line the skewer makes!!

See what a lovely fine line the skewer makes!!

I have tried to make it easy for you to locate and buy these products so they are all linked to Amazon. The seller of these products is Treeline USA. I have purchased from Treeline and they are awesome to work with. They also have a super selection of carving burrs…. but that is another post.


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7 thoughts on “Razertip Woodburner – Review

  1. Hi Dani,

    Your work is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorials and review of Razertip burner & pens. I have the dual model, but struggle to burn well. I only keep the temp. between 5 & 6, and will try the higher setting. I REALLY appreciate the info about retipping the pen. I just broke my skew and was getting ready to pay for a new pen!

    Thanks again for sharing! I’m going to purchase your dreamcather tutorial, now. Best, Mari

    1. THank you Mari. I put that post out just in the nick of time so you aren’t spending the money on a brand new pen!! Awesome I could help. Keep practicing and try turning up the heat!! Let the pen do its work. All you do is guide it!!

  2. I just love this! Such a great review! I love how you teach people how to do things 🙂 All those lucky people in OK who get to come to your classes!!! I also trust your recommendations! That wood burner looks like an awesome tool!!! Thank you!!

  3. I seem to have a lot of carbon which spreads to my gourd I am working on and cleaning doesn’t appear to take care of it. Is this common and is it the fault of the user, me. I carve on 5 & 6 as the gourds fluctuate from hard to soft within inches and first thing I know I have a really dark line. Any suggestios on the two issues I mention. I use Welburn products in California, very good, and I have the razortip woodburner.

    1. Hi Virginia

      I have seen that type of build up of carbon on the gourd when someone is burning too deep. I am assuming you are using a skewer tip. Try just using the tip of the skewer, not the whole blade. Also you said cleaning doesnt take care of it. I wipe all my gourds down with acetone after burning to remove and oil that seeped out while burning. Do you clean the tip of your blade? Carbon tends to build up there as well so cleaning it often may help. I have a scrape of leather that I wipe the tip on every once in a while!

      Are you burning through something or do you pencil sketch your design on?

    1. Hi Charlene

      To be honest, I really don’t take very good care of my tips but they hang in there, for all the abuse I give them. When I am burning away and carbon builds up I do have their tip cleaner butt If I can’t find it I just rub the carbon off gently on a knife sharpening block. My tips do eventually break but I am so grateful that Rezertip will replace the tip for a lot less than the cost of the whole pen assembly!

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