Hong Kong Grass Gourd Rim Step 7

I was flipping through the pictures on my phone the other afternoon and found a really nice surprise. I had photographed my entire process when I weaved a Hong King Grass Rim on a gourd. Since I will be teaching this class on Wednesday I thought it would do me, you and my students some good if I posted the steps.

Finished Piece


I got my 2 ply Hong Kong Grass and the Waxed Irish Linen Thread from the Caning Shop in Berkeley CA

Hong Kong Grass Gourd Rim Step 1Step One- Start the weave in the least conspicuous place on the rim. Generally that will be the back of the gourd unless you are adding embellishments that may hide part of the rim

Hong Kong Grass Gourd Rim Step 2

Step Two- Pre-drill holes all around the rim at a set interval. I generally drill my holes about 1/4 inch from the rim. I eye ball holes all the way around about 1/2″. Make sure your holes are big enough for your needle to fit through.

Hong Kong Grass Gourd Rim Step 3

Step 3- Using a whip stitch secure the grass to the rim as shown. When you start to overlap, instead of going through a hole, push your needle underneath the grass on the previous row. As you can see in the graphics below I bring my thread through in front of the thread on the previous row. This keeps it from sliding forward and looking sloppy.Hong Kong Grass Gourd Rim Step 5Hong Kong Grass Gourd Rim Step 4

Step 4- Continue all the way around until you are at the place where the Grass will no longer be attached to the previous row.  Stitch the final stitch and then wind the thread around the grass until you get to the reattaching point on the rim (see below)

Hong Kong Grass Gourd Rim Step 7

Hong Kong Grass Step 8Step 5- When you are happy, end the weave at the place where you started securing it tightly with the Waxed Irish Linen. I often knot it several times and apply a small drop of white glue to secure.

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5 thoughts on “Weaving a rim with Hong Kong Grass

  1. Your pictures and instructions are so easy to follow. It is much easier for me to follow and understand what you have done. Thank you very much from these old eyes.

    1. You are very welcome Roberta. Thank you for letting me know. Its always nice to hear when you have helped someone. Keeps me motivated to post more!!! If you double click on the pictures it will even make them bigger!
      Happy Gourding

      1. Dani, I’m so impressed @ how freely you share your knowledge. I’m knew to gourding and you are so helpful.I’m in Texas and there is little to no opportunity for gourd classes so your blog is a Godsend. Thanks for your sharing .

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