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If you have been reading my posts you are very aware that I am an avid GourdMaster Ink Dye user for my gourd art. Sometimes, though, I want more brilliant color, or the gourd is dark and the color is rather flat. So I have been experimenting around.

The gourd I was working on was a commissioned piece. She wanted tropical flowers all the way around. Of course the colors in tropical colors are so bright and happy and I wanted to be able to get those colors. I have often read about using colored pencils on gourds so I thought I would give it a try. Since I did not have any colored pencils I borrowed some from my artist friend Penny, who also loaned me her watercolor pencils as well.

Vi Commission Gourd ArtAfter sketching out and burning in the flowers, I wiped it all down with rubbing alchohol so that I could remove any oil or sap that may have been released during the burning.

I started with just colored pencil but really did not like the look of it. The gourd skin is not a super flat surface and the pencil skipped over bumps giving it an uneven colored appearance. Plus it did not lighten anything up. I tried white pencil as well, but did not like the results. So for this piece I switched over to applying a layer or two of white acrylic paint on the flower petals. Once it was dry, I again tried the colored pencil but still disliked the look.

So out came my Gourd Master/Memories ink dyes.

Now the very cool thing that happened was the ink dyes moistened the acrylic paint enough to start blending and coloring the white base. I pushed the paint around, adding more, blending here and there until I finally got what I liked.

Vi Commission Finished Gourd ArtGourd ArtGourd Art As you can see I did obtain some beautiful coloring on the flower petals of the Plumeria. In order to get the flowers to pop I only used the ink dyes on the leaves so that they stayed more muted.

I am in the process of trying the colored pencils again on another gourd and really not liking the results. Maybe when I clear coat it I will like it.

Try experimenting around with other painting mediums.


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4 thoughts on “Adding more color to your gourd art

  1. Beautiful!!! After it was finished what did you use as the final finish? poly? varnish? spray finish?

    1. Thank you Brenda. My “go to” for finishing all my gourds is Krylon Clear Gloss. I have been using it for years and it performs perfectly. I use it on indoor gourds. If I was finishing a gourd for outdoor use I would use Spar Urethane.

  2. What brand of pencils did your pal lend you? Also, what brand of burner do you use? I love your work.

    1. Steven, The Pencils I used were Prisma Color. I bought a set for myself but I probably will never work on a gourd with them again. My burner is the Razertip which I love!!!

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