Dani MontoyaMy life as a gourd artist started several years ago, quite by accident, as most wonderful things do. My Husband and I moved to a mountain village that had beautiful and tall pine trees. We lived surrounded by forest with all the wonders of forest living such as Raccoons, Squirrels and Stellar Blue Jays. It was a wonderful and peaceful place to live. And then we discovered that we had to RAKE UP ALL THOSE PINE NEEDLES. Our little community had to be kept fire safe and several times a year we had to rake and bag all those pine needles.

Pine Needle Basket

Pine Needle Basket weaved by Dani Montoya

As an artist, I saw the beauty in these tiny little bundles and wondered what I could do with them. A search on the internet revealed to me the art of PINE NEEDLE WEAVING. So I gathered while my husband raked. (It worked for me!!) and I learned the art of pine needle basket weaving. They were beautiful and I loved making them but they took forever to make.

One day an¬†acquaintance gave me a tiny, homegrown gourd and said ‘why not try weaving your pine needles on this”. So I did and I fell in love, not just with the pine needle rim but with the whole idea of making gourds into art.

From that moment forward I have painted, carved, wood burned and weaved on all shapes and sizes of gourds. No two are ever alike and I usually don’t know what the final product will really look like until that last clear, sealing coat of paint goes on and all the gorgeous colors and blemishes come out.

I hope to inspire and teach you this wonderful art form.

If you would like to reach me please feel free to drop me an email

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Happy gourding!

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  1. Michelle Shirhall, your almost cousin, has your December featured gourd, it is beautiful beading on it (Tina Rudy purchased it) FABULOUS!

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