Gourd Classes

Have you always wanted to learn how to create beautiful things from a humble gourd? Now is your chance!!

Dreamcatcher Gourd Vase

You can’t say she did not enjoy the class!!

My studio is an Open Studio, meaning that anytime you want to learn something, my studio is open to you.  (Call first to make sure I am there)

Do you want to learn how to wood-burn, carve, weave, filigree? Would you like to try out some of the specialty Gourdmaster products or try your hand at wood-burning or carving before you spend the money on equipment? Do you need some guidance because you are just not getting it!. How about some inspiration and a gourd buddy! That is what I am here for. Call first to make sure I am in the studio though! I have gourds as well as scraps to play with.

Contact me. 

Studio Usage Prices:

$10.00 an hour if I am working directly with you
$5.00 an hour if you are just using the studio, the equipment and paints.
Other materials, such as gourds, feathers, beads, weaving threads and cords etc will be calculated by what you need.

In addition, I offer the following start to finish projects. Prices include all materials necessary to finish the project. You will be cleaning and cutting the gourd (with my supervision and help, of course!). If you want me to have a gourd cut and cleaned prior to your arrival there is an additional $10.00 fee. Registration is necessary for the following classes to make sure I have plenty of materials on hand for your class choice.

I love for everyone to make their own art so when your come to class, bring your creative hat!!

Dreamcatcher Gourd Vase

Dreamcatcher Weave Gourd Vase

Take a simple gourd and turn it into a beautiful vase which features a tightly weaved, multi-colored dreamcatcher as the focal point. This weave works on all shapes of gourds. Class includes picking out and properly preparing a gourd of choice (Clean and Cut), paint it using whatever medium you want, and then we weave!

Class Time- 4-5 hours to complete
Cost- $40.00 includes gourd

Gourd Bird Feeder

Turn a bottle gourd into a pretty birdfeeder just in time for spring! Class includes picking out and properly preparing a gourd of choice (clean and cut), paint it in a stained glass fashion using Gourdmaster/Memories Transparent gourd dyes and masking fluid.  Add a twig or three for the birds to perch on. These would also make lovely display baskets, or maybe strawberry planters.

Class Time-3-4 hours

Weaving and Playing with Feathers

HongKong Weave Gourd

In this class the focus will be on learning to weave on the rim of a gourd as well as working with feathers as an embellishment.  The weaving material we will be using is Hong Hong grass. You will have the opportunity to pick out, clean and properly prepare a gourd, then cut it in a shape that will be pleasing to you. After painting, we will weave the rim and then make a feather adornment.

Class Time-4-5 hours
Cost – $50.00

Gourd Drum

Gourd Drum Project Tutorial

Gourd Drum Project Tutorial

Impress your musical friends and make a playable drum out of a gourd. Although the picture shows the gourd unpainted, we will be taking a large bottle gourd and, properly clean and cut it. You will paint the body using Transparent Ink dyes and we will seal it in clear acrylic. While that is drying you will learn how to cut and fit a goats skin drum head and attach it to the gourd.

Once the head dries you will have a wonderful new instrument to play!!

Class Time-4-5 hours
Cost – $65.00

 Gourd Mask

Gourd Mask

Create your own majestic warrior complete with feather headdress. Clean and cut a gourd of your choice, including the eyes and the mouth.  Stain the gourd using transparent ink dyes and then paint on his warrior strips using acrylic paints. After sealing the mask with clear acrylic we will start assembling the headdress. I have lots of cool feathers you can play with.

Class Time-4-5 hours
Cost – $55.00




Beaded Rim Bowl with Flower Carving

Beaded Rim Gourd

Rim treatments are sometimes what really finishes off the gourd. In this class we will take a simple gourd and turn it into a beaded “lovely” using glass beads. You will be painting with Transparent Ink Dyes and a bit of shimmer powder for a glimmery body. Then we will seal the gourd, drill all the holes and start putting the beads on.

If you are really adventurous, and time permitting,  I would be more than happy to teach you how to carve the butterfly as flowers in the picture, which were carved after the gourd was painted, sealed and rimmed!

Class Time-4-5 hours
Cost – $45.00
Beginner if just beads
Intermediate for carving


Fall Leaves

Bright and beautiful fall leaves decorate this gourd vase. With this project you will work with a woodburner to burn in the leaves and veins, then color them in using transparent ink dyes and blending to give a wonderful soft transition between the colors. There are no bugs on these leaves unless you put them there. Although the sample shows a black background to set off the leaves, you are welcome to paint it any color you want!!

Fall Leaves

Class Time-4-5 hours
Cost – $40.00

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6 thoughts on “Gourd Classes

  1. Thanks for the good information. I have been using a special carbon paper that erases, but will get some peel and stick to try your method. I was wondering if you did pine needle wraps or just the angel leaf ones. I have been wanting to try a wrap, but have not gotten around to it. I’ll take your class in Poteau in August and am an SrO member. If I bring my own gourd is it cheaper? I have grown quite a few, but haven’t looked at my stash yet. I like your web site. I have been burning and painting and now carving gourds for about 3 years and it is always nice to see different things.

    1. Hi Kathy, I am so glad you will be coming to the class. I will drop you an email on bringing your own gourd so that you will have it ready to work when you get to class. The gourds I am bringing are pretty thick, they will be cleaned in and out and pre-cut. I am excited to meet other local gourders as well share the art with others!

  2. Hi, I’m with the SRO group at CASC (55 plus group). I would like to sign up for the October and November classes. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sharon

      I am excited that you want to attend these two classes. Gourds are so much fun to work with.

      The upcoming October class, however, is completely full with a waiting list so you won’t be able to attend that one. I am not sure if the December Class is full however. You do need to call the SRO office and enroll with them.


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