5 thoughts on “Gourd Art Gallery

  1. Just love your art. Thanks for sharing on 2CreativeBroadz. I will so enjoy seeing your new work as it comes out. Now off to check out your site and sign up. Thanks

  2. Your tutorial on the rope was so simple and my rope now looks more like –well a ROPE,.im totally fascinated with western- southwest gourd art, I can’t see straight. Must be the Texas girl in me.Those gourds are like the potato chip! Can’t just have one.again thank you for shareing!

    1. Hi April. I am thrilled my tutorial helped you. That’s why I have this website. If I can help someone I want to! Southwestern is one of my favorite themes as well. There is just something about gourds that scream southwest to me! Hum…I lived in Austin for a while. Do you think that had something to do with it!

  3. I new to this Blog thing and also new to gourds. I read your blog on cleaning the outside but not the inside how do you do that.

    1. Welcome to the world of gourds Gary. THere are several ways to clean the inside. I personally use a gourd cleaning ball I bought from the Welburn Gourd farm. This is a Sanding Ball that I attach to my drill and it makes cleaning a breeze! But I clean alot of gourds so for me its a time saver. For someone new you can use a spoon to scrape out as much you can. If you have access to a grinder you might even benefit from sharpening it!! I have also heard that you can put a handful of gravel inside the gourd and shake, rattle and roll alot of the stuff out. Some gourds are super easy to clean and some don’t like to give up their guts so roll up your sleeves, apply a little elbow grease and start scraping.

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