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I get my inspiration from many places but these books are the ones that really get me inspired and moving forward.


Gourd Supplies- My fav’s

Arizona Gourds – Well known Gourd Artist, Bonnie Gibson, sells wonderful Embellishments as well as Burning tools, Dremel Bits, inlay supplies, Patina Paint and more. I get my drum heads from her.

Blue Whale Arts – They sell Memories Ink Dye which is the same as GourdMaster but cheaper! They carry alot if embellishments as well. Fast shipping at reasonable prices

The Caning Shop – Don’t let the name fool you, these folks have lots of gourd stuff too!!  I bought the Gourd Tool Kit from them which has a palm sized saw, rotary tool and sander. Perfect for gourd work.

  • Gourd Tool Kit
  • Razertip Burner
  • Threads and Cords
  • Leather Dye
  • Exotic material for embellishing like Horse Hair and Philodendron Sheaf’s

Gourd Farms

Welburn Gourd Farm – Located in Southern California this is my #1 go to place to get gourds. They always have plenty in stock and are very accommodating if you have special requirements. When I lived in California I used to go and hand pick my gourds but now that I am in Oklahoma they have to do it for me!!  Their shipping is reasonable as well.

  • Thick Skin Gourds
  • Gourd Master Products
  • Tools
  • Books

Wuertz Gourd Farm – Great shipping prices

SandLady’s Gourd Farm – Pre-Cleaned- She will custom pick your gourds based on what you are wanting it for!!

Pumpkin Hollow Gourds


Non-Gourd but Wonderful Websites to Visit

Blooms-n-Bees Lavender & Honey Farm  – Where good health and beauty meet. Small farm raises Honey Bees and Lavender and makes all sorts of wonderful products with them!!

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