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That sounds kinda weird and you might have to read it a couple of times to get what I am saying but the essence is, I want to blog about what you want to read.  If there is something special you want me to talk about I always welcome suggestions. Use the comment box below.

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Dani Montoya

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20 thoughts on “Success!

  1. I love you style and work. I also am primarily a”burner” but am determined to get out of my comfort zone with new things.

    1. Hi Jane. Thank you for the compliment. I was primarily a carver and an “outline” burner but have always been good at pencil drawing so I started to draw with the woodburner and love it. I jump around on my techniques and “fall in love” with a new technique and do, do, do that one for a while.

  2. I’m new at gourd art and need all the tips I can get. Love tutorials. So helpful to see things being done. I’d love to see how you do the fall leaves. I wanted to start one a few weeks ago and chickened out.

    1. Hi Rhonda and Welcome!! I am so glad you found my site. I have been busy getting ready for the holidays that I haven’t posted anything new in a while but you mentioned the fall leaves. That is one of my favorite techniques!! Did you see my post here . Its all about that. Hopefully it will inspire you to go forward and just do it! Happy Gourding!

  3. Dani Good morning, checked my email just now, I got interested in gourds only TEM2 years and so far have tried apefeiçoar my knowledge about this craft seeking information from the fruit plantation techniques that I have found a few links on the website as Gourdfarm. ‘ve even made algumascrompas books and material, by internete, but here in Brazil do not find much about the techniques of carving and so on. Atecipadamente I appreciate your attention to providing your experiences by email to esperade further clarification appreciate your help once again.

  4. I,m just getting started in gourds. So far I am just painting them for decorating, saw some of your lamp gourds and I want to try it! So need all the info that I can find. Your work is beautiful and very creative! Can’t wait!

    1. I am excited for you Bonnie. Gourds lamps have become quite popular lately. You will have to break out a carving tool and wood burner so that you pierce the gourds skin so start practicing! Its a blast!

  5. i do gourd art too, but i am poor at trying to send photos via email! i burn,and paint my gourds, and have done some carving. still working on the carving part. plus i did a coiling on a gourd. don’t think ill try it again! that is too much for me. i also did a lot of cut outs on a gourd or two, using an x-acto did not look like a pro job but they did look good. i have sold thousands of them and gave alot out for than you gourds and for people who love my work.. i do it for fun and to sell, but not a full time job, if i did it that way i may not like it. i belong to our loss hills gourd club,of iowa. it is so much fun. and i tried making the wholes in some,it didn’t look too bad but got to work on that as well, as long as i keep having fun, i’ll keep on gourding, and love being a gourdhead!

    1. That is wonderful Ronald that you found gourding and are so happy doing it. It is a wonderful hobby and I also love giving my gourds as gifts. Have you tried using a wood burner to pierce and cut your gourds.

  6. Thank you for the free tutorial, it is much appreciated! Tried the netting thing before but made a petty mess. I am looking forward to your news letter. I do wood burning on gourds and still have a lot to learn though, I have been at it for some years. Would love to do carving but our Namibian gourds are a bit on the thin side.

    1. Thank you very much Este and good luck with the weaving. I have been pretty slow on getting tutorials out because I have had so many commissions lately but hopefully you will be able to learn something from my website until I have time to work on some new one!!

  7. I have fallen in love with gourds and all that I can do with the to express my art side. A friend gave me some gourds that are so porous they burn easily and then absorb the ink dyes to rapidly. do you have any suggestions I can do to save the gourds; I hate to throw them out but I do not like the dull porous look of the outside. Thanks for all your sharing.

    1. Hi Mary

      I am happy you have discovered gourds!! You pose an interesting question and one I am not sure I can answer for you. There are so many gourds out there that I do not keep, or even try to work with, a gourd that is not up to my standard. One product that may help is Formula 49 from Welburn Gourd Farm. It is a gourd conditioner as well as an Gourd Master ink dye remover. I have used it on gourds that are a little dry looking with some success and you can use in dyes over it. But mostly I would not waste time on them!

  8. I found 2 large gourds in my mothers things when she died last yr. These two gourds were grown and dried by my grandfather around 1967. I have been wondering whether to just stain them or do art work. They do have some black mold looking spots in a few places but they are hard as rock. Looking for help , advice as to what to do with them. I want them to be attractive enough that kids or grand kids will want to keep them in the family. Idea’s?

    1. Hi Darla… What a wonderful find and idea. A gourd, once dried like it sounds like yours are, will last forever so they will make a wonderful legacy! You mentioned black mold. Most gourds, when they are not cleaned, will have mold and dirt which can all be washed and scrubbed off. I would suggest starting with that. Get a copper scrubby, soak the gourds in water for a bit and scrub it down. Once that is done you are good to do whatever your heart desires.

      If you want something your children will cherish then you might want to consider making it into something useful, such as a bowl. The inside will need to be scraped clean and you can use regular spray paint to paint the inside. On the outside, you can paint, burn or carve, whatever your art mode is!! Or what comes to mind is decoupaging pictures of your mom and grandfather on the gourd.

      Have fun with what ever you do.

  9. Thanks for adding me. I love the tutorial for the dreamcatcher! I will try making one soon! I have only been doing gourds for a couple of years and am hooked! I hae never done any type of art work or painting before (only done computer graphics) and so I had no idea that I would get hooked like I have. I took my 81 year old mother to a beginner workshop at Welburn Gourd Farm because she likes to do artsy stuff and that was all it took for me! I taught myself how to make the thunder drums and have sold several of them to friends and friends of friends. Anyway, I love learning new things to do with gourds. Your work is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are very welcome!!! My story is similar to yours! I was a digital artist first and then gourds came along and that was the end of that!!

  10. Hi Dani,
    I am so glad I found your site! A gourd artist I can actually talk to and ask questions, what a find! I want to learn about carving, making stands, and pine needle trimming. I have been an artist all my life, but just found gourds about 3 months ago. I have all the equipment I have read about and am ready to design my first gourd. I have used designs in books up to now.
    I will send a picture when I finish the piece. Can’t wait to start getting your information.

    1. Hi Carolyn and welcome to the world of gourds. It is such an exciting medium to work in. Please do send me your finished pieces. WOuld love to see them!!

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